When you’re in the process of building a custom home, many decisions have to be made to create a setting that you’ll get use out of long-term. From the architecture on the building to the size of the house, you’ll have plenty of choices to make. When it comes to the appeal of the property, there are a few features you can consider including to make the house modern and contemporary.

1. Pool and Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen and a pool create a perfect place to entertain and host parties when the weather is warm. An outdoor kitchen can include a built-in grill with a seating area and a mini fridge to store chilled beverages. You can relax and enjoy the views outside while serving a meal.

The pool can feature a waterslide, fountains, and spillways. Add heating to get use out of your pool in multiple seasons, and consider LED lighting for nighttime swimming enjoyment. Build a cabana nearby where you can relax and lounge around in a shaded area that offers privacy.

2. Home Office

A home office is useful when you need to manage your affairs, take care of family business and pay bills. It can also serve as a place to work when you telecommute or own your own business without having to leave the house. Features like built-in bookshelves, a bench under the window for extra seating and even a quaint reading area make the office more useful and more attractive.

3. Dressing Room

Women will get plenty of use out of a dressing room where they can store all of their coats, pants, and accessories in one place. Dressing rooms are spacious and include a bench and a full-length mirror to use when you’re putting an outfit together.

4. Home Automation

Home automation offers a significant amount of convenience, whether you need to lock your front door or turn on your home alarm. The technology makes it possible to control different features in the home from your phone or tablet without having to be physically present on the property.

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5. Spa Bathroom

Spa bathrooms are known to be luxurious and chic with chandeliers, pedestal tubs, and walk-in showers when you need a place to relax and unwind. The spa bathroom can even feature a seating area where you can feel at ease while talking to your spouse and getting ready each day.

6. Wine Cellar

Wine-enthusiasts can appreciate building a wine cellar in their Alair Homes Bradford custom home to store different bottles that they’ve collected over the years. It’ll be a great way to store wine in a setting where you can control the temperature in the cellar.

7. Open Floor Plans

If you want your custom home to feel light and airy, create a layout that includes an open floor plan with a minimal amount of walls present. The interior setting will appear more spacious and make it easier to converse with your family members each day.

8. Commercial-grade Kitchen

Commercial-grade kitchens feature warming drawers, double dishwashers, and walk-in pantries for those who enjoy cooking meals and preparing food each day.

Your custom home should feature the top amenities available to create a luxe and upscale setting you’ll enjoy long-term. The features that offer a high level of convenience and can encourage you to spend more time in the house with family and friends.