Cleanliness, de-cluttering, removing personal items, repairing, and staging are typical, yet standard steps toward a home sale. All homes should adhere to those rules. Raising the home price requires additional effort on the homeowner’s part.


Buyers focus on the bathroom’s features for the beauty and function. A bathroom should wow buyers due to appearance and cleanliness. It should equally be a spacious area to navigate in and out easily. Small bathrooms, however, can reach the spacious standard by using recessed cabinets, open shelves, and/or pedestal sinks.

If the bathroom requires an upgrade, begin with the core components. Check to see if the shower, tub, sink, and toilet require repairs or replacement. Build on that by adding storage, ventilation, flooring, and accessories. Don’t ignore small details like hardware, the towel bar, and the toilet tissue holder. In the end, only homeowners know how much upgrades the bathroom needs.


A highly occupied area of the home is the kitchen. The stunning beauty upon first glance, the spacious countertops, and the path to cook and clean effectively are reasons the kitchen is paramount for buyers. Today’s kitchens are near the front of the house, so the area sets the standard for the rest of the home. Potential kitchen upgrades include new appliances, flooring, storage, and a docking station.

Curb Appeal

No one is entering the home unless the exterior is superb. Increase the home value by improving curb appeal. Besides mowing the lawn, improve landscaping by planting flowers, shrubs, and hedges. Include rocks, gravel, and/or bricks to complement the greenery. The home’s outer appearance doesn’t stop at landscaping. Focus on painting the house, cleaning the gutters, repairing the roof, fixing siding, and resolve foundation issues. You should also seal holes, cracks, scratches, and dents, while also repairing broken stairs, walkways, driveways, porches, patios, and garage doors.

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Neutral Environment

The right color and material selected to please current and future homeowners should be neutral. A neutral environment affects every decision homeowners make about home additions, upgrades, installations, and replacements. For walls, red, orange, purple, green, and yellow walls are too wild for most buyers. White, gray, beige, brown, and blue shades are welcome by most buyers and homeowners. Meanwhile, buyers gravitate to stone, wood, and brick material more than bamboo and cork. Neutral tones extend to flooring, ceiling, and accessories in every room, garage, patio, and porches too.

Room Conversions

That spare bedroom is now a home office or gym for the homeowner. To please buyers, convert the home office or gym back into a bedroom. Convert garage conversions (bedroom, guesthouse, family room, etc.) back to a garage too. Not converting the room back to its original purpose decreases the home’s value. The buyer will not pay the asking price for the home first and pay extra to convert the room back to its original purpose second. The buyer prefers to convert the home his or herself on a blank canvas.

Likewise, improving an unused room into a widely accepted room is an accepted room conversion. An example is turning a basement, attic, or den into a permanent bedroom. For rooms serving no purpose, consider turning that area into a laundry room.

These suggestions conform to a homeowner’s style and buyers’ demand beautifully. If you’re willing to place emphasis on these suggestions, contact Alair Homes Bradford to increase your home’s value!