Ignoring your basement as extra room in your home means you’re ignoring extra square footage that your family can enjoy. Many of these ideas require that the basement be a finished space. A contractor like Alair Homes can turn the space into a playroom for the children or a space strictly for adults.

1. Theme Room

This space doesn’t have to follow the design style of the rest of the home. Think of it as found real estate. You can let your imagination take over and create a space you’ve always wanted. It could be pirate-themed for the children, beach-themed for a spa-like retreat or styled like a speak-easy bar.

2. Lighten the Space

You’ll have to remember that this is the basement. You’ll need to find a way to keep it from looking like a dark dungeon. If possible, you should make use of the basement windows to allow in extra light. Keep the walls and floors a light color to create an airy space.

Traditional Basement by Nanaimo General Contractors Alair Homes

3. Colorfy the Basement

Don’t feel limited in your color choices. Whether it’s a children’s space or one for adults, bring in bright, bold colors. While it might not fit in the living room upstairs, it can bring a liveliness to the basement.

4. The Fun Zone

The entire family can enjoy a pool table, table tennis or air hockey. Allow the basement to be the space that the entire family can be rowdy and have fun. It’s a space that can take the abuse.

5. Cozy Space

If you’re looking for a room all to yourselves as a couple, consider turning the basement into a cozy, little nook. It can be romantic as well as cozy so you can spend some quality time there without the children. Soft pillows, a beautiful area rug and cozy cushions can make it great for reading or cuddling together after the kids are in bed.

6. Adult Bar

Another theme strictly for adults is a bar. You could create a pub atmosphere with brick and neon, or you could create a stylish, modern space with sleek surfaces to invite your friends.

7. Fireplace

For this theme, you might need a contractor like Alair Homes who can add a fireplace to the room. The addition of a seating area and a fireplace can make the basement a relaxing space for the family.

8. Souvenir Room

If your spouse won’t allow you to display those boxed action figures or all the trinkets you’ve collected around the world, you can use the basement as your display case. Add a few chairs around the room to invite guests to enjoy your most prized possessions too.

9. Basement Income

You could renovate the basement to bring in renters. It’ll be like renting a room upstairs, but without all the hassle of having someone you don’t really know in your space.

10. Multi-purpose Room

Instead of choosing one activity for the basement, turn it into a room with multiple functions. You can section out areas for crafts, hobbies and activities. It’ll keep the clutter and mess from invading the rest of the home.

With the help of Alair Homes, you can turn your basement into a beautiful space that adds value and function to the home.