When you’re in the process of designing your dream home, an office that is included in your plans can prove to be useful. Whether you own a business or need a place to manage your personal finances, having a space to remain productive can allow you to get more done each day. When you’re ready to design the office space, there are a few ideas to consider when working with your builder.

1. Float the Desk

Make the desk float in the middle of the room to create a space that is aesthetically pleasing. You can request that your builder adds outlets in the floor to ensure that you can prevent cords from running across the room when you need to plug in your computer and electronic devices.

2. Tailor the Furniture

Tailor the furniture to create a modern and visually appealing setting with plenty of colors and prints that are incorporated into the room. The tone of your home office will be influenced by the decor and furnishings that are on display.

3. Create a Seating Area

Add a seating area where you’ll have a comfortable place to sit when you want to enjoy a cup of coffee or make a phone call. Place the seating area near a window to ensure that you have a view to enjoy when you take a break.

4. Take Advantage of a Nook

A nook is easy to build when you only need a minimal amount of room to work. Create a nook with a window near a mudroom or the kitchen where there may be wasted space to ensure that the area can be utilized. You can use the nook for maintaining your schedule, tracking your finances, and meal planning.

5. Use the Guestroom

Consider utilizing your guest room for your office to allow the room to serve two different purposes in the building. The guest room can include a pull-out bed on a couch that can also be used for the office in the custom home.

6. Add Built-ins

When designing your custom home, built-ins are an ideal feature to include in a home office because they’ll allow you to have a space to store your books, picture frames, and electronics. Cabinets that are built underneath the shelves can be used to conceal specific items that you don’t want to be on display.

7. Build a Corner Desk

A corner desk will allow you to have more space at your workstation throughout the day. Add a comfortable swivel chair to make it easy to have mobility when accessing different parts of the corner desk.

8. Trick Out an Outbuilding

Enhance an outbuilding with plenty of windows for natural light and bookshelves to make it a workspace that is stunning and is easy to work in each day.

9. Make a Room for Two

When building your home with Alair Homes Bradford, consider making the office suitable for two people if you’re not the only one who plans to work from home.

10. Hang a Pinboard

Hang a pinboard over your desk for a place to put postcards, pictures, and reminders on display in an area where you’ll see it each day.