While most people think of habits as only affecting their bodies, you might be surprised to learn that your habits could be affecting your house that was built by Alair Homes Bradford. Some of the things that you do or do not do every day could affect the flooring, walls and even the foundation of your home. Consider these ten habits that could be messing up your house.

1. Wearing Your Shoes Inside

Even if they aren’t caked in mud, the bottom of your shoes have dirt and dust on them. The dirt and dust wears away at the fibers of your carpet. The particles can also scratch the finish on hardwood, laminate, tile and vinyl flooring. Take your shoes off and put them on a rug or rack by the door.

2. Pets on Your Furniture

Dogs and cats shed countless hairs every day. These hairs get stuck in the fibers of your furniture. Your pet’s nails can also do a number on upholstered, leather and wood furnishings. Create a dedicated pet bed and place it next to your sofa.

3. Piles of Tea Bags and Coffee Grounds

If your morning coffee or tea habit leaves you with piles of tea bags, consider composting them instead of throwing them into the trash. Obtain a ceramic or glass container that has a lid and a capacity of about one-half gallon. Use the container to hold your tea and coffee grounds and compost them every other day.

4. Throwing Clothes on the Floor

Wet clothes on the floor can lead to mold and mildew. At best, a pile of clothes looks messy, cluttered and unsettled. If a piece of clothing is clean, hang it up and put it away. Dirty laundry should be put into a hamper.

5. Loose Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies should be stored all together and in a locked cabinet. Accessible cleaning supplies could be spilled or ingested by pets and kids, which could be harmful to their health. Be sure to keep cleaners in their original containers.

6. Half-done Projects

If you clean the sink and shower but not the toilet, or you got started repairing the railing and then lost interest, this could harm your health and safety. Know your limits and only start what you can finish. Consider hiring a handyman service or a cleaning service to reduce some of your home maintenance load.

7. Clutter

Many people have a collection. If you have a collection that is overflowing its area or you simply have a little too much of everything, have a boxing day. You could also do a “minimalist challenge” of removing one item on day one, two items on day two and so on for 30 or more days.

8. Staying Up Too Late

When you’re overtired, you may have difficulty sleeping. Go to bed at the same time each night, before you’re overly tired. Aim for seven to eight hours of sleep.

9. Too Many Spices

If you have jars of unused or old spices, edit them. Toss out expired, caked and unneeded items. Only keep what you use at least once every three months.

10. Pile

Piles around your home look messy and could fall, causing you to be injured. Use smart storage such as baskets, magazine holders and bins.