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  • June 20, 2017

Tips for Washing Your House This Summer

Most people make cleaning their home a priority in each season when dirt and grime can accumulate. Unfortunately, it can be easy to neglect the outside of the home, which can affect your home’s curb appeal and the color shade of the paint. When you want to wash your house this summer, there are a few important tips from Alair Homes to follow.

Pressure Wash the Exterior of the Building

Pressure washing is one of the most important steps to take to maintain your home. Spray the siding at a downward angle to prevent damage to the materials that are installed. Avoid spraying the water into cracks or seams, which can cause the water to become trapped and will cause damage to the building. You’ll need to keep the hose moving at a consistent speed as you wash the house with side-to-side motions. Damage will occur if you keep the water sprayed for too long in one area. Work from the bottom of the house to the top before rinsing the water from the top to the bottom one more time.

You’ll need to avoid using the pressure washer if your house is made out of stucco, brick, or wood shingles. Instead, using cleaner kits that are sold at home improvement stores and can easily attach to hoses.

Use a Garden Hose

The garden hose will come in handy when you need to wash down your house this summer. Using soap with a pressure washer is not necessary to due the high level of pressure that will come from the hose. You can opt for using a siding cleaning kit before inspecting areas that are extremely dirty or grimy. Pretreat the different surfaces by using a squirting cleanser on the surface. Use an oxygen bleach solution on areas where mold is present instead of using harsh chemicals that can lead to damage. It’s also important to choose a soft brush to use on areas where several layers of grime are present. Complete the project by rinsing off the cleansers on each part of the house.

Pressure Wash Safely

Many people don’t understand the power of that comes with using a pressure washer, which can lead to extensive damage if you don’t use care when using the tool. Use it with the same level of care that you would with a power tool to reduce the risk of injuries or damage. Children and pets should be kept indoors as you begin the project. Avoid directing the pressure washer in the same direction where someone is present. It’s also important to avoid washing the windows with the pressure washer, which will cause the glass to break. Older homes with windows are more susceptible to damage because they often contain a single pane.

You will also want to use goggles to prevent water from getting into your eyes while using the hose. Choosing the right nozzle to use is also essential by using one with a 40-degree spray. You can also work your way down to a nozzle that has a 25-degree spray.

When it’s time to brighten up your exterior setting and allow it to shine, you’ll want to wash down each part of your building. With the right steps taken, you can improve the appeal of your house and allow it to look beautiful throughout the year.

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