Undertaking a home renovation might be one of the most challenging projects you face. It will disrupt your home life, seem chaotic at times and present daily challenges. You can do your part to keep the project on schedule and within budget by working cooperatively with the builder and subcontractors.

Stick to the Plans

It’s only natural to want to make changes to the home renovation as you move forward, but doing so could cause delays, especially if the changes are substantial. Paint colors are easy to change as is anything easily available locally. If it has to be ordered or is a specialty item, it can add days or weeks to your timeline. Changing out the countertops or the appliances in your custom kitchen could cause a substantial delay once the home renovation is underway. The appliance may not fit the space allocated for it, or a countertop material may need to be specially ordered. Bathrooms are another area where changing specifications can delay a project and cause budget overruns. Changes that affect the home’s infrastructure or exterior appearance substantially could require an amended plan, which means another trip to the city offices or a submission to the HOA. If possible, stick as much as possible to your original plans to keep the project on track and within budget.

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Let the Builder Supply the Materials

Your builder may specify that they will supply all the materials, including appliances, used in the home renovation for good reasons. Reputable home contractors like Alair Homes have relationships with manufacturers and suppliers that give them preferred pricing. We sometimes also have longer or more comprehensive warranties that benefit our clients. Before your project starts, be sure to cover the material provisions with your contractor, especially if you want to use something specific, like antique fixtures you may have or salvaged building materials like weathered barn wood. They will likely require special handling and in the case of fixtures, adaptations to your building plans.

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Stay out of the Way

Avoid interrupting the builders’ teams as much as possible. Distractions increase the time it takes for them to complete the job. Even though it adds to the cost, staying elsewhere minimizes exposure to the hazards of renovating and means less inconvenience for your family. Pets especially should be kept off-site or confined to their own spaces. Home renovation is often noisy, and your pets may experience high levels of stress. They’re also vulnerable to the same pollutants as humans are and more since pets pick up particles on their fur and use their mouths to bathe.

Bottom Line

A home renovation is a complicated and challenging project. By working with Alair Homes Barrie before the project starts to define the materials and finishes, you’ll save time and money, both crucial for a successful remodel. Contact us to get started.