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What to Know When Looking for a Cottage

We’ve all heard the expression; “they aren’t making any more land!” If you are in the market for a cottage, this may be good advice for you to consider. Many people find it difficult to find the right parcel of land. There are many items to consider, location, accessibility, amenities and above all price. Finding that vacant lot, on a secluded lake, accessible to Hwy400 (but without traffic) is a daunting task.


If you are looking for a vacant lot, keep on looking… If you are looking for a great lot with a tear-down cottage on it, the costs can become high, as most sellers understand the value of their prime location and know that any buyer is going to have the money to tear the existing cottage down and build new, so they price the land accordingly.


Instead, try to find a nice lot in the perfect location that has a decent cottage on the property. And rather than tearing the cottage down and building new, consider a major renovation to the existing structure. You will be surprised in how you will be able to have the finished product you desired but at a fraction of the cost.


New cottage building costs can exceed $250 per square foot, but, when utilizing renovation with Alair Homes, these same costs can be less than $125 per square foot. You also receive significant savings on the lot purchase.


Alair Homes has extensive experience with procuring lots, rebuilding homes, and major renovations. We can show you exactly what your best options will be to build the cottage of your dreams, all within your budget.