Several mature lifestyle trends are converging to capture the interest of Canadian homeowners in droves: the smart home trend. The smart home trend is being fueled by the broader internet, mobile device and home renovation trends, all of which are now mainstream.

Our customers at Alair Homes Barrie have been increasingly interested in remotely accessible, Internet-enabled technology. Wireless-enabled devices are now empowering Barrie homeowners to automate tasks that previously needed to be manually performed. While the technology has been available for years, there are a number of reasons the trend is just now gaining widespread acceptance. The technology has recently become both affordable and widely available, whereas it used to be accessible only to the affluent.

As Canadian homeowners remodel their living spaces, they’re turning to wireless-enabled technologies for increased convenience and security. When making home renovations, homeowners are installing entire smart systems in their homes at a rate of about 45 percent. Currently, the most popular wireless-enabled home upgrades are lighting systems, security systems, entertainment systems and climate control devices.

Let’s take a closer look at the smart home trend and its benefits in the following infographic:



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