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A Fireplace is the Perfect Functional Piece

There is little that can give you a warm cozy feeling like flames of fire dancing in a beautiful fireplace. A fireplace becomes the focal point in just about any room whether it is mid-July or the dead of winter. Therefore it is safe to say that taking the time to properly plan and design your fireplace is essential.

adding a fireplace to your bedroom

In years gone by a fireplace would often be the primary source of heat in a home and was likely looked upon as a functional requirement rather than a luxury item. Now, with the development of more convenient and efficient heating solutions a fireplace has become more of a design feature to be viewed and enjoyed by homeowners and guests alike.

What to Consider When Picking Out a Fireplace

When considering a fireplace for your home the first decision to be made is whether you want a traditional wood burning fireplace or a natural gas fireplace insert. There may be other suitable options as well such as an electric fireplace, however the most common options are wood or gas. Many people enjoy a traditional wood burning fire however others prefer to have the benefit of a fireplace without the work involved in handling firewood.

Once you have decided on the type of fireplace you would like, the next decision to be made is the design of your fireplace. Few would argue that there isn’t a rustic beauty to a massive stone fireplace but in a contemporary or modern home this may look far out of place. It will also depend on which room your fireplace is in as to how large or small your fireplace should be. If you like the look of a stone fireplace you may also want to consider using a stone veneer product. This may be a significant design consideration especially if you are renovating your house and unable to accommodate the substantial foundation required for a traditional stone fireplace and chimney.

adding a fireplace to your living room

One of the final decisions to be made for your fireplace is what type of mantel you would like. Again the options can vary from a massive rustic timber to the sleek modern look of glass. There are also engineered products as well as precast concrete options available.

In short, as with any part of your home, taking the time to consider all your design options will ensure that you enjoy your fireplace for many years to come. At Alair Homes in Barrie we take the time with each and every customer to discuss every aspect of your custom home or renovation to ensure the final product is exactly what you have envisioned.