Among the crucial decisions to make during your custom built home construction is selecting an appropriate site. Truth be told, there is never a second chance after acquisition and wrong decisions can leave a bitter taste in the mouth due to delays and unexpected expenses. It’s not easy to find the perfect lot, but here are tips to help you find a way out of the rut!

Finding Sites

Thanks to the many existing home listing services available today, locating lots for sale isn’t as hard. The script is entirely different when it comes to locating the ideal land for your custom built home. The best way to wrap your fingers around this is doing some research. Start by seeking help from a local contractor to help you pinpoint land that matches your needs – you will have to get one eventually anyway.

Qualifying The Site

Never make a final decision before getting a green light from a civil engineer. Liaising with such a professional is a sure fire way of conforming to the land regulations in that jurisdiction. With such support, finding out if you should be worried about landslides among other hazards, or if you will need a well or a road becomes easy as a duck takes to water. What is more, you’ll have a helping hand when scouting for a construction permit.

Consider Your Priorities

It is essential to have a clear picture of what you are looking for. Deciding on preferable features and making them a priority simplifies decision making when winnowing down your list. Are you okay with paying top dollar and waiting longer for a lot neighboring your favorite city than one situated in a rural area or outlying suburb? How close is the land to your place of work? Do you wish to stay in close proximity to family and friends? Seeking answers to such questions will help you make the right decision.

Be Practical

Putting up a cabin in the woods might be a great idea, but on the flip side, you must never turn a blind eye to various practical considerations. Not unless you intend to live off the grid, proximity to schools, rescue/fire facilities, hospital and public utilities is something you need consider as you go about your selection.

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Explore The Site

This might sound rather obvious, but exploring the area you intend to construct your custom built home must never be overlooked. Pay the area a visit and take keen interest on factors such as the lay of the land.

Here we are! These simple tips will help you find the perfect plot of land to lay foundation to your custom built dream home.