We talk a lot about Custom Homes and Major Renovations, so we wanted to take a moment to discuss custom decks and how to integrate a smart functional outdoor living space to your home or project. There are many different styles of decks to choose from. The size and shape will depend on a variety of factors that are impacted by the construction of the house and the layout of the yard.

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Build with Intention

Just like a room in your house, your deck should have intention to it. Consider this a purpose it needs to fulfill. Decks can offer an outdoor kitchen, supportive to outdoor dining on those cool fall evenings. Depending on size and available space, custom decks may also support a hot tub or spa area, and especially a comfortable living space with outdoor furniture and fireplaces. Just like your kitchen, the dining area will be the focal point of your custom deck, so be sure to carefully plan your furniture and accessories.

Build with Change in Mind

The other beauty, of your deck not to be overlooked is the ability to change the layout year to year. There are many accessories a designer can show you that will add character to your outdoor living area, enabling you to refresh your deck with new styles. This is why we strongly encourage clients not to incorporate built in accents or furniture. These features should be used sparingly, once your build your flowerpots, benches, and pergolas, it’s more difficult and expensive to make future changes. They are now permanent structures, hindering your versatility.


Lighting is a wonderful element that adds style and functionality to your deck, Solar powered LED lights are an inexpensive accessory you can buy to create a pleasant ambiance for relaxing and socializing after the sun sets.


Primarly used as a safety function, railings can also add style to your deck, and are often the most visible part of your deck. With their prominence in mind, choose a style you will enjoy for the long term, modern and newer trends are moving towards invisible glass systems, and there are an abundance of painted aluminum options with integrated lighting.

Working with a Custom Home Builder/Renovator such as Alair Homes Barrie is a more efficient approach to building your outdoor living space because we are a team that works together with you to manage your interior and exterior projects as one seamless goal. Contact us to discuss your ideas, and let’s get started on creating the home of your dreams.

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