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Outdoor Living Space Renovation

These days, homeowners are putting plenty of effort into upgrading their outdoor areas because of how much they can add to their quality of life. You might enjoy an outdoor spa or a bar area. A patio or sunroom adds to your property’s return on investment, and Alair Homes Aurora has expert advice for you on this aspect. Gardens are usually wide-open spaces, so they can be renovated according to wilder imaginings than most other parts of your house can tolerate.

Transparency, Honesty, and Control

As a specialist who meets the Better Business Bureau’s accreditation standards, we consistently earn the trust of our clients. Most renovators give you a meagre sense of control over your renovation process, adding expenses to their quote with little thought. This builds an enormous amount of stress in clients which is only worsened by a lack of control you’re given over your schedule. Alair Homes Aurora decided that our clients deserved better than that, so we designed our hybrid Client Control ™ system, which puts the data about your project online.

How does Alair’s Client Control project management protect me?

Learn how gaining certainty before you ever begin is the smartest, safest way to build or renovate.

How do I determine the right contractor for me?

Know the difference between Client Control, fixed price and cost plus and how each determine the outcome of your experience.

What is the experience like to work with Alair?

Real stories from real clients sharing their experience of building and renovating with Alair.

Improve your life with a home renovation.

* From a study done by over 1,300 home owners

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Frequently asked questions about home renovations

If you have any specific questions, feel free to chat with us or give us a call!

How experienced are your Project Managers?

Since the success of your project relies heavily on strong management, we are extremely selective and hire only the best project managers. Our project managers receive extensive and ongoing training on a weekly and monthly basis. The success of our business is built on the strength of our project managers and we are proud of the highly skilled team we have assembled at Alair Homes Aurora.

What is your typical cost per square foot?

Cost per square foot is a very poor way to gauge the cost of completing your custom home because it is only relevant if you are comparing the exact same home plan and fitted with the exact same fixtures. Alair Homes Aurora will not quote on a per square foot basis because we understand that if you are going to achieve total satisfaction from building your own custom home, you deserve to understand the true cost of your project that matches your goals and specifications. This requires a thorough budgeting process with a knowledgeable construction professional with past experience in your type of project. This process does not take long and is the surest way to give you the confidence you need to understand what the total cost will be before the project starts.

Does Alair Homes Aurora provide fixed price or cost plus contracting?

We have developed a hybrid system known as Client Control™ that is the best of both worlds! We establish fixed prices from our trade partners and suppliers that create cost certainty plus you receive 100% transparency and control via an overall cost plus model. Please watch our video above explaining Client Control™ and also download our report outlining the benefits of this revolutionary method.

Can we walk through your showroom or visit a model home?

Each of our projects is as unique and diverse as our clients, which is exciting for us and important to our clients. However, if we have a project under construction, and we have the permission of the client we would love to show you a project in action! This is a great way to assess a contractor as you get to see things from the inside out. For Alair Homes Aurora, this is also an opportunity to show what makes our approach so unique and what makes Alair such a different kind of contractor.

Trish Lear

Doing a major renovation is something most of us dread, the mess, things are never quite done the way you want or expect, timelines are pushed and you often go over budget. Well this was not one of those renovations, the team at Alair Homes were fantastic from start to finish. They listened to our ideas, guided us through and we’re very patient as we went through multiple design iterations. Once construction started, the team excelled. We lived in the house whilst the renovation was going on and Alair made sure it was as comfortable as it could be for us. They were meticulous in trying to keep the dust contained and each day the place was cleaned to a state where we could still live. There was never an issue when we asked for corrections and Alair worked side by side with us to ensure decisions and changes met our expectations. We were constantly kept informed and felt like we were in control of every decision. Project delivered on time and within our original budget, even with our modifications. Special Thanks to Jason and Ben who really ensured this was a stellar experience.

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Michael Turcsanyi

It is our second project under our belt with Dave and the team. Office renovations of good size. Team kept the project on track and budget even with a few unknown issues! Thanks again to the team and for creating an awesome space for our company to grow!

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Darcy Keeler

We are very confident in having picked Alair Homes as our contractor for building our custom home. The Alair team was the only contractor we spoke with that started the contract with a design estimate service. This service provided detailed costs for each step of building our home. The Estimate service provides simple budgeting and constant communication which made our build without surprises and financially consistant making us secure knowing our dream home was a reality. We specifically are appreciative of the support and professionalism of our project manager Jason Barnes. The proof of his expertise and care was when we completed the build in the agreed upon timeframe! We were never left unaware of how trades were progressing and when needed Jason stepped in to finish a project to make sure our home was done according to plan. The finished project was on budget matching the Design estimate at the start and most importantly solid and beautifully done, we are left with no regrets in our decision to trust our home to Alair.

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Reza S
Our team worked with Dave and Steve on a project at Pottageville and could not have asked for a better team to work with. Highly Recommend.
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