Windows are in every home and a dominant feature that contributes greatly to the look and feel and sophistication of a home. But window shopping (not for presents, but rather shopping for actual windows) can be overwhelming with so many choices. Here to help us out and answer our questions is Marek Ryzyj of Pella Windows.

ALAIR: What current trends do you see happening with windows right now?

PELLA: We are seeing that the ease and practicality of maintaining vinyl windows combined with their low price point, is winning out and vinyl windows are taking up a larger market share than ever before.

Contemporary windows with much more glass, little detail and larger openings are more common, especially in the contemporary new builds happening the the Greater Toronto Area.

Dark windows – black and brown – are also very popular, especially in modern designs.

Home owners are realizing that there are a lot of colour options available and we are seeing a lot of black and brown (classic colours), especially in modern designs.

ALAIR: What is the most important thing for consumers to think about when choosing windows?

PELLA: Budget – Deciding what your budget is and how much you want to spend on your windows will help you determine what the material and type of window you will be looking at. Wood windows are the most expensive and vinyl windows are the least, with fibreglass windows usually pricing out somewhere in between wood and vinyl. Other features that can substantially affect cost include specialized hardware, grills, decorative details and triple-paned glass. Knowing what you like ahead of time and what you are willing to spend will assist you in budget management. Get competitive quotes from at least three suppliers.

ALAIR: How do you choose the colour of window that best suits your home?

PELLA: Most window suppliers should have sample colour chips that illustrate the many shades that each of their windows come in. At Pella we encourage our customers to choose a colour from an element at the front of their home – a shade within the brick, colour of the columns, the roof and soffits, etc – and then test out a few colours using the sample paint chips to see what works best. Visiting our showroom is also a great way to see real life examples of what the windows – design and colour – will look like in person. Consulting with a window-selling professional will help you achieve the best results.

ALAIR: Anything you would warn customers to watch out for?

PELLA: Like many things, when you buy inexpensive products, you usually don’t get the best quality or workmanship. Windows are no different. If price is an issue, consider phasing in the replacement of your windows over a period of time to be able to afford the best quality windows. This way you can enjoy them for years to come; go the cheapest route and you may be disappointed down the road.

Thank you Marek for sharing your insights with us. If you have specific window questions, feel free to reach out to Marek and Pella Windows at 416-770-2664.