Aurora is now getting into the spirit of giving. While it is always a good thing to receive a gift during the festive season, many individuals and families do not have means to buy essential goods, including food, clothing, and personal hygiene products, never minding extra things to receive from people as gifts. Highlighted below are the ways that help numerous organizations get into the spirit of giving.

salvation army in aurora

Salvation Army Kettles

The Salvation Army, The Town of Aurora as well, as the neighborhood will commence the yearly Aurora Salvation Army on the Kettle drive on the 28th of November which will be wrapped up in the 24th of December. All the donations that will be collected through this movement will be channeled towards supporting the less fortunate and marginalized members of the community throughout the year as well as the holiday season. Kettles shall be located Superstore in the Real Canadian, three LCBO and Metro outlets in Aurora. Please visit salvation

aurora's lion club

Aurora Lion’s Club

The Aurora Lion’s Club that has been lending a helping hand to the local community from the year 1944 will join forces once again to provide assistance to those in need with the Salvation Army. The movement that is chaired by the local Lion Bondy Jim will be collecting the non-perishable foods, gifts for children and the teens, and winter warmth items as well as the cash to be used for buying grocery gifts card.

The chairperson said that everyone finds themselves short of donation funds for the gift cards, and the cost is about nine thousand to ten thousand dollars per year. Also, the Fro Frills mall, the club will be preoccupied by wrapping gifts for toys or donations for the 153 units for close to three Saturdays, and this will begin from the 5th of December at 9:00 am to evening 4:00 pm and Thursdays from 6 to 9 pm. Please make it payable to the Aurora Lions Club if you are paying by cheque to 23 Hilldale Road, Aurora, ON L4G 6C9. To get involved and for more information email [email protected].

Toys For Tickets

The Aurora Town has just launched its Tickets for Toys movement that will assist in allowing the recipients of the parking tickets instead of paying a fine to donate new children’s toy. This program will be running to the 1st of December. The toys will be accepted only at the Hall of Aurora Town that is situated on the first floor until the 9th of December at 5 pm at 100 Johns West way.

When you are paying for the tickets, you will need to provide the toy in its original packaging the parking ticket and the toys original receipt. The toy’s value must exceed or equal to the amount that is owed on the fine. For further information contact the bylaw services.