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We have such a love/hate relationship with the garage don’t we? Totally necessary, helpful and practical, but also a place for piles, junk and let’s be honest, the garbage!

The good ol’ garage has come a long way since it stormed onto the scene in the early 1900s as a simple shed or after-thought structure just big enough for a single car and hidden behind the house. Now we have garages attached to our homes, visible from the street and very much a significant part of the look and feel of our home …not to mention 3- and 4- car garages too.

So how do we personalize our ‘garage’ into a space that offers more than just a cavernous, bunker-like storage area?

Everyone uses their garage for something different – to store their cars, as a workshop, a work-out area or maybe just to store sports equipment, tools and trash. Regardless of what your goal is,creating the ultimate garage is about embarking on a home renovation that creates a space personalized and dedicated to you and your needs and hobbies.

The sky really is the limit these days. If you can imagine it, there likely is a solution or product out there to meet your dreams.

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Where To Start?

  • Decide what hobbies or activities you are catering to …. this will dictate what tools/equipment/special features could be incorporated
  • Budget – figure out how much you want to invest in this space before you start. Your current garage can be outfitted with some amazing budget-friendly tweaks and add-ons (flooring, storage units, drywall, heaters, sports racks) OR, if there is no limit to your budget, you can build a 6-car, sunken garage under your home with imported Lamborghini tiles, a wet bar and personal bathroom. Two VERY different budgets and options.
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What are some ways that you can add value to your garage?

  • Drywall and finished walls
  • Insulation
  • Nice, functional flooring, possibly with in-floor heat
  • Great storage in large, closed cabinets
  • There is a hook, shelf, drawer, place specifically designed for toys/tools/sports stuff so purchase products unique to what you are storing and get the space to really work for you
  • A hoist for lifting a car in the air – to work on, change a tire or just to fit more cars
  • Heat
  • Large-screen TV
  • Lounge Area
  • Go all out and add a wet bar and pool table

If you are looking to add-on a garage to your home or build a workshop, contact Alair Homes Aurora. We would be happy to discuss options with you and create a complementary rough budget for your project.
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