Our team at Alair Homes is thrilled to help you create the ideal custom built home for you and your family in Aurora. While you can count on us to provide you with expert guidance and quality workmanship every step of the way, you will need to make many critical design decisions as well. These helpful apps may be useful as you walk through the custom home building process.


Being able to visualize your rooms in a three-dimensional format is critical to your home decorating efforts, and this app creates 3D renderings for you. These are to-scale images that you can use as you make furniture purchases and other related decisions going forward. The app is also useful when determining the best placement for your furniture.


Regardless of whether you are searching for inspiration for architectural details for the design of your custom built home or you want to find decorating ideas, the Houzz app is the ideal resource for you to use. This app puts millions of home images at your fingertips. Browse through them at your leisure, and save notes and images within the app as a convenience.

Photo by Alair Homes AuroraMore living room ideas

Sun Seeker

At Alair Homes, we strive to create the ideal home for you to enjoy in all ways, and a critical aspect of the custom home building process involves the sun’s positioning. Sun Seeker allows you to see the path that the sun will take over your new home each day. You can then alter the position of your home as well as the size and location of windows to meet your needs and preferences.


Once your custom home in Aurora has been completed, you may need professional assistance decorating it. The Havenly app connects you directly with expert interior designers, and these professionals can review pictures that you provide. Their advice will be tailored to your rooms, your budget and your overall style preferences.

Photo Measures

Measuring your rooms is easy to do with the Photo Measures app. By uploading an image of a room to the app, the app quickly generates precise measurements. With these measurements, you can determine if you want to keep existing furniture or which new items you should purchase. Other home decorating decisions can also be made, such as those related to blinds, artwork and more.

Adobe Color Capture

If you are struggling to make interior or exterior color selections, download the Adobe Color Capture app. Use the app to take pictures of scenes, furniture, artwork and more that you love. The app compiles all of the information that you provide to determine the colors that you love, and it suggests full color schemes that take these colors into account.

As you proceed through the custom home building process, you can count on Alair Homes to provide expert insight and guidance. You can also use these helpful apps to make smart decisions about various aspects of your custom built home.