Are you dreaming of an Aurora home renovation that goes exactly as planned? Most homeowners are. While taking on a renovation of any size does involve a little bit of expecting the unexpected, there are things you can do to reduce the number of unwanted surprises that occur and maximize your chances of finishing the project on time and on budget. Remember that advanced planning is just as important as the actual construction process, and be sure to ask yourself a few questions before you ever get started.

Understand the Scope of the Renovation & Stick With It

First, understand the scope of your Aurora home reno. If your plan is to renovate the kitchen, know what that means. Does it include changing the layout, tiling floors and adding granite counters, or are you hoping to install a backsplash, replace appliances and resurface your cabinets? Both scenarios described are Aurora kitchen renovations, but they involve vastly different costs, timelines and professional skills. Clearly articulate your wants and needs to your Aurora general contractor before construction, and be cautious about changing the scope of your project mid-way through unless you are prepared to face additions to the budget and timeline.

In step two, ask yourself who you want to work with. Hiring a qualified Aurora construction professional means having a skilled expert to oversee the project, hire knowledgeable sub-contractors and handle any unexpected concerns along the way. In addition, general contractors have mass buying power that can save you money. Interview several general contractors, call on references and check out their image gallery of past projects, if available. Take your time during this step since hiring the right professional will impact your level of satisfaction.

Next, honestly assess your budget and timeline. If you want to renovate your Aurora bathroom but only have two days and a few hundred dollars, you might be quite discouraged if you do not talk this through with your general contractor before beginning. Finding out half-way into the project that it is actually going to take two weeks or cost thousands more than expected is never fun. A renovation does not make sense to complete if it will put you into a financially stressful situation or seriously impede on your lifestyle because of timeline. Always keep things realistic, plan things out before lifting a hammer and stay connected with your Aurora project manager along the way.

Have a Contingency Plan for Your Reno

Finally, have a contingency plan. Sometimes unexpected costs come up when walls are torn down and the guts of your home are exposed. If this happens, have a plan in place for the money and time it will take to make things right. Being prepared for the unexpected might mean padding your budget with an extra 10 or 20-percent and your timeline in the same way. Doing this improves outcomes and your level of satisfaction with the construction process.

Alair Homes Aurora values satisfied customers, and we work hard to ensure that renovations of any size are completed on time, on budget and for less than most would expect to pay. The use of our innovative software system is integrated into every renovation to increase communication and put homeowners in charge. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your Aurora home renovation with you and provide answers to your most important questions. Call us to schedule your free, no obligation consultation.