If you watch any of the shows on house remodeling shows on television, you will find that open-concept living is all the rage. However, not everyone likes big open spaces that don’t allow for any separation. While this has been the trend in recent decades, the open-plan living reduces privacy and quiet spots within the home. It also can make furniture placement hard when there are no walls. It may be a real problem to ignore the pile of dishes while you’re trying to watch your favorite television show. If you don’t want to live totally closed off, but open-concept isn’t for you; why not try broken-plan living?

What is Broken-Plan Living?

If this is a new term for you, understand that broken-plan living is the best of both worlds. It allows you to keep some of the elements you love about open-concept homes, but it allows your spaces to retain some element of privacy too. One of the hallmarks in broken-plan living is the use of half walls rather than whole walls. It still allows for some separation, but it doesn’t give you that closed off feeling.

The incorporation of smart shelving is another key. Using things like split levels or even internal windows can break up the spaces, but it still allows the spaces to feel open and uncluttered. It balances the sense of light and privacy, yet it allows you to let the dishes go without feeling guilty.

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The biggest problem with traditionally designated spaces is that it cuts down on the natural flow of light. You have to be really careful when you put closets and walls up in a home. It can make your flow off balance and it can leave you with a series of rooms that are small and dark.

The Compromise-Thinking Outside The Box

Think of a broken-plan living as a compromise. If you use open shelving, it allows light to come through the area and thus the rooms still have a sense of connectivity. By putting a door opening that is extra large in space; it serves as a division but also allows the light to flow freely. If light is a big issue for you, why not use internal windows?

The internal windows were often used in homes of old to help with ventilation. They are making a comeback and are perfect for a modern home. Use them in an office to help with spaces that are usually dimly lit. They also allow you to do your work without being cut off from the rest of the family in other living areas. The open concept would remove doorways and walls altogether, but in the broken-plan; you compromise and have doors with wider openings.

When Open Concept Doesn’t Work

Most people crave more space in their home. However, one problem with the open-concept living plan is that it can end up feeling too big. Spaces that are over-sized are not always cozy. Even a trick like using a tall chimney in the middle of the room can make there feel like there’s some separation and privacy. Using sliding doors can give you control over how open the room is. The new barn doors on sliders are perfect for reducing and expanding a space with a quick move of the door. There are some many little things that can combine the best of both worlds for a truly comfortable home.