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The Cottage Exodus

I know you city folk will disagree, but Aurora is a pretty happening place. 10 months of the year the intersection at Yonge and Wellington is clogged. A few blocks east we watch commuters race from the GO Train to see if they can cross the street before the arm releases impatient motorists. The pool at SARC is jammed on weekends from 2-4pm. And forget about trying to navigate the Tim Horton’s drive through at Yonge and Golf Links! But a funny thing happens in July… Aurora is a bit of a ghost town. So where did everybody go?…


Aurora is a Ghost Town in July and August

Auroran’s love the cottage! Popular hot spots for locals are Gloucester Pool (in south Muskoka, and a largely undiscovered gem), Muskoka, and Collingwood (because the skiers need someplace to party in the summer, too!). These are just a few of the great escapes that we head to. (Send us your favourite spots if you like!).

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Aside from being a great community in which to live, Aurora is strategically placed close enough to the city for commerce, yet en-route to some of the best recreational markets in Ontario with stellar boating and fishing. Lake Simcoe is only 30 minutes away! Muskoka and Collingwood can be reached year round in about 90 minutes. The shores of Georgian Bay in about 75.

Gloucester Pool Bass and a Happy Young Cottager!

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