Hey, we have long winters and while it’s fun to get outside, we thought up these entertaining indoor ideas to make your basement a hit with friends and neighbours.

The Classic Arcade!

Pinball machines are making a comeback as an aging population re-lives its youth. It’s not limited to pinball, though, as the Pac Man generation is adding video console games to complete that look and feel. I still remember the guy who walked around with rolls of quarters, making change for us to madly feed our favourite games. Your basement can come alive with the lights and sounds of space invaders, boxers, racing cars, and all
sorts of whacky creatures.

The Salon

If you have a houseful of young ladies this can be a blast! Watch Grease for some inspiration. This one doesn’t have to take up too much room and is easy to replace if it gets outgrown (turn the shampoo station into a wet bar). One corner devoted to a mirror, sink, chair, lights, and some accessory storage will make for a popular spot. Make sure you have tunes. 8 track player optional. (You can also do this as a barber shop!).

Recording Studio

Kids are amazing with technology these days. Your iPad has more oomph than Sun Records ever did. Set up an area of your basement to capture video and voice recordings of your in-house talent. Safe proving ground for The Voice and American Idol. Include whatever instruments you have. Karaoke machine is a must. Big screen TV. Taylor Swift poster. Soundproofing a matter of personal choice.

Gymnastics Studio.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 2.20.44 PM

(We did this one as a Christmas surprise). Rubber interlocking floor makes a great base. You can find training equipment online. Get a low balance beam, adjustable high bar, and an assortment of mats. This area can double as a yoga centre, too – provided your child’s flips don’t interfere with your child’s pose. Check ceiling height first! 5. Hockey!!! You can never get too much. The options are vast – you can have a simulated NHL rink with boards or a simple area to blast pucks at the wall. Get a sheet of plastic ice that’s designed for shots. Make sure your end wall is protected. Cover windows. Shoot. Hours of fun. Everybody gets to take turns in net. Perfect for the unfinished basement. Pot lighting recommended. Unless you are Sidney Crosby, don’t fire pucks into mom’s dryer.