Do you admire the stylish, clutter-free bathrooms you see featured in home decorating magazines? We’ll share some designer secrets that can help you style your bathroom perfectly to achieve a similar serene, clean environment in this essential room of your home.

Make the Best Use of Open Shelving

Open shelving is one of the trendiest types of storage space in the bathroom at the moment, but it can be tricky to utilize it effectively. One designer secret you should know about: towels and washcloths display well on open shelving; this is true whether you fold and stack them or roll them up.

Avoid using open shelving to store items that collect dust or look cluttered; in most cases it isn’t the ideal spot to place toilet paper or your collection of curling irons and blow dryers.

Accessorize With Coordinating Dispensers

It’s your bathroom, not a corporate branding campaign for the toiletries your family uses. It’s easy to banish the visual clutter created by all the logos and barcodes and artwork on the tissue boxes, hand soap dispensers and other bath products typically found in your bathroom. To accomplish this, choose a coordinated set of dispensers that works well with your bathroom’s style; then transfer your bath products to the dispensers instead of leaving them in their original packaging.

Create Attractive Vignettes in Trays or Wall Niches

Remember to include some beautiful decorative items in your displays to avoid an overly utilitarian atmosphere in the bathroom. Ordinary objects like small clocks, vases and perfume bottles look much more sophisticated when placed in groupings on trays or displayed together in wall niches.

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Organize Bathroom Essentials With Baskets

Baskets offer you an outstanding option for harmonizing the look of your bathroom. They make fantastic laundry hampers, wastebaskets and organizers. Be sure to choose lidded baskets for holding anything that’s best kept hidden such as toilet paper or laundry.

De-Clutter Nonessentials

If there’s anything you have stored in the bathroom that you aren’t using, it’s time to donate it, sell it, toss it out or move it to a more ideal location.

If your bathroom is in need of more than just simple restyling, our team here at Alair Homes¬†Aurora can help. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss plans for remodeling your existing bathroom, creating an innovative custom bathroom or renovating any other room in your home.