There are many secrets of a successful kitchen renovation. One example is worrying about the cabinets before your appliances. Your cabinets are the key to creating a beautiful space, and you can always replace your appliances later. Use the following designer secrets to improve this space during your renovation.

Side Panels On The Refrigerator

One idea is to add side panels to your refrigerator. The side panels should match the cabinetry. If you have a standard counter, you want to ensure the refrigerator panel depth is slightly greater than the counter depth.

Tall Cabinets

Stay consistent with your design by using the same reveal or edge configuration on your counters. You can also stay consistent by using tall cabinets to add depth.

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Use Flush Counters

You do not have to use a counter that overhangs just to create a modern look. You can easily go modern by flushing the countertop with the drawers and doors.

Pantry Pullout Width

You can feel the weight of everything inside your pantry pullout when you open it, and a pullout wider than 15 inches is too heavy to pull open. It is best to stick with a 9, 12 or 15-inch wide pullout.

Rollout Pantry

It is recommended to invest in a rollout pantry for cabinets wider than 15 inches. A rollout pantry allows you to only access a specific shelf rather than the entire pantry. You may need to create a filler to keep the rollout pantry from hitting the wall when you open it.

Storage For Oils and Sauces

The oils and sauces you use the most should be stored in the closest pullout to the range. You can easily reach the ingredients when you are cooking, and the insulation and thick sides keep them from spoiling.

Storage For Trays

Trays that are smaller or stored on their sides can be placed inside a regular cabinet. A shelf can be added above the trays to create additional storage.

Smaller Tray Storage

If you do not need a lot of tray storage, you can limit the space by adding dividers to your cabinet. One spot can be used for storing your trays, and the adjustable shelves can be used for other items.

Two-Tiered Cutlery Storage

A two-tiered insert is perfect for organizing and storing your cutlery. One layer can be designated to the cutlery you use frequently, and the second layer can be designated to the cutlery you only use for special occasions.

Corner Sink and Dishwasher Placement

You should never place the dishwasher adjacent from the corner sink. It is hard to load the dishwasher when you only have a small amount of space. You can create more standing room by placing a cabinet between the corner sink and dishwasher

White Sink With A Light Countertop

The best way to brighten your space is to pair a white island sink with your light countertop.

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It is possible to create your dream kitchen when you hire a contractor and stick with the designer secrets.