Create a home away from home for your guests. The perfect guest room has to cater to the unique needs of each of its temporary inhabitants. Above all, your visitors should feel comfortable in the guest room. Many custom homeowners in Aurora are choosing to add a guest suite. You can also easily achieve this by remodeling your basement or spare room into the perfect guest suite. Platforms like Airbnb now allow homeowners to make extra money by renting out suites to travelers. As a homeowner in Aurora, you can tap into this opportunity. Here are some tips for creating the perfect guest suite.

A Quality Bed

Most travelers are looking for a decent place to rest at night. Getting a good sized bed with a high-quality mattress is a good start. The bed should be in a strategic location to allow room for baggage without feeling cramped. Adding a feature wall at the head of the bed can take things to another level. Take care of this room as you would your own. The bed should always have clean beddings. Find comfortable duvets with beautiful designs. If you can afford high thread count sheets, then invest in them.

Storage Space

Invest in a good closet that has hanging space, drawers, and a shoe rack. You can also opt for a unique dresser. Have a bench or table strategically placed close to the cabinet. Guests can put their suitcases on the counter when packing and unpacking.

Sitting Area

Having a sitting area in the guest room will add a sense of sophistication. Invest in nice winged chairs or a good lounge chair. Not everyone feels comfortable sitting on the bed. You can consider having a desk and chair for guests who need some workspace. If you have a study or home office, then you can show your guests during the tour.

Good lighting

guest suite with small patio large bed and lamps coming out of wall

Good lighting brightens a room. Consider adding a central lighting fixture for the suite. Go with something custom made to add character to the guest room. Buy bedside lamps for a little night time reading. Lights are highly convenient and can be used to decorate a room with their unique designs.

Basic items

Don’t forget essential additions like mirrors, alarm clocks, towels, and other toiletries. Try to think of items you would find in a hotel room that would make your stay convenient. If there are amenities you will share like bathrooms, offices or ironing boards; you should show your guests where everything is beforehand.


Your guest room should be as private as possible. Invest in some great blackout curtains so that your guests can sleep during the day. The curtains can help visitors adjust to a new time zone while also providing you with a place to take your afternoon nap. You also need to invest in beautiful sheers especially if your guest room has French doors. Making your guests’ privacy a priority will go a long way to make your guests feel at home.

Entertainment and Connectivity

Guests may feel uncomfortable going into your living room whenever they want some entertainment. Be mindful and install a good sized TV in the guest room. You can add a DVD player too if you feel so kind. If you have Wi-Fi, provide the guests the password on a card in the room. It’s also always a handy idea for you to hold onto any stray chargers you may find should anyone need to borrow one.

Bottom Line

Creating the perfect guest room can be an overwhelming remodeling project. Do not be afraid to bring a third party to the project. You can seek professional help at Alair Homes Aurora. Alair Homes has built and remodeled many custom homes. Go through the past projects and pick out features that you want in your guest suite. Working with professionals will guarantee the best possible outcome when you remodel your guest suite. You will have the perfect guest suite that your guests will truly appreciate.