Grandma’s dining room had some funky sheers. Come to think of it, my parents’ house did too. While a lot of thought went into picking them out, there wasn’t nearly the selection back then, nor the expertise. Today’s savvy homeowners spend much more time on design details and window treatments are no exception. With the need to balance style with function, we thought it would be good to ask a true professional for some good advice.

Window Fashionista Karen Tsao-Pemberton
Window Fashionista Karen Tsao-Pemberton

Tips on How to Make Your Windows “Pop” from a Professional

We didn’t just track down any pro, though. We got a ‘Window Fashionista’. Karen Tsao-Permberton is a Budget Blinds franchise owner in the Toronto area who was recently featured in the Toronto Star. Having just completed an installation for a happy Alair Homes client we thought it was perfect timing to have her share a few strategies with you and some common mistakes people make.

Interior Shutters – These look awesome but can present some hidden challenges. Karen says “Be sure to consider clearances and furniture placement. Shutters have a swing radius and you need to account for it, especially around access points and windows close to large pieces. Gooseneck faucets can create a little dilemma in the kitchen – you may want to consider a blind for the sink window if you’ve chosen a tall designer spout.”

Don’t be a Do-it-Yourselfer – Especially if your job requires lots of specialty work. “You need to be extra diligent when your space includes windows with cranks, casements, nooks and crannies, and varying window depths”, says Tsao-Pemberton. Karen recommends a professional installer who will take the time to expertly measure your windows. A Window Fashionista like Karen can help you pick the right product, material, finish, and design to help you optimize the look you are after. In short, hiring a pro is a great investment.

Get an in-home Consult – Budget Blinds provides their clients with in home consultations from a mobile showroom. Karen says “this is a great way for clients to see their options in their own environment and under the lighting conditions where the product will be going. When you bring a paint sample to a showroom, the lighting there may be different and you risk feeling that the colours may be ‘off’ when you get them back to your space.”

What’s Hot? Karen’s keen on Solar-powered motorized blinds. “These eco-friendly coverings are the ultimate in luxury and can be programmed to go up or down at specific times during the day or night. “ A far cry from Grandma’s sheers.

Want to learn more? You can connect with Karen directly through her website at Budget Blinds Store.

For samples or her work and other helpful design hints, visit Karen’s social media pages here:

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