When renovating a home, it is always important to consider both the quality of the work and the cost of the finished product. One way to manage both cost and quality is by hiring an experienced general contractor. While your general contractor is not the person to install drywall or rework your plumbing and electrical, this person is the one who will oversee your entire project and make sure that things run smoothly from start to finish.

Some of the jobs that a general contractor undertakes include ordering all of the materials, creating and managing the timeline, hiring and scheduling sub-contractors, coordinating the delivery of materials, requesting permits and overseeing inspections. The general contractor is also the person to call if things are not going right or there is a problem after your renovation is complete.

While there is certainly a lot involved with being a general contractor, some people think that this is an area they can handle themselves in order to reduce the total costs of their renovation. While on the surface this sounds like a great idea (every professional general contractor charges some sort of fee for their services), it is not always the best way to go and any cost savings are often less than expected.

Defining What a General Contractor Is

A general contractor is an industry professional who has worked tirelessly to devise a network of trusted sub-contractors. While your general contractor will know who to call for bids on framing, drywall, electrical and plumbing, when going it alone, you might spend hours interviewing sub-contractors, or worse yet, hire the wrong person and end up with a job that is never completed or faulty workmanship. Even if you find fantastic sub-contractors, negotiating prices and getting your job on their books can take time, and many will not give you the same discounts or rush delivery of services that they give to general contractors who keep them working throughout the year.

Hiring a general contractor

In addition to hiring the right sub-contractors for your renovation, it is important to find the best materials. Construction materials can make the difference between a perfectly executed renovation and one that simply misses the mark. There are thousands of materials warehouses across the nation, and some are better than others when it comes to quality or price. Finding the highest-quality drywall for a premium price or the perfect shower head for your bathroom renovation could involve hours of research and negotiating. Knowledgeable general contractors can save you time and money because they have relationships with the best materials warehouses and can take advantage of bulk buying discounts that are not available direct to consumers. In addition, many can negotiate things like rush delivery or premium packaging for little or no cost. This can save you time and money versus waiting on supplies when it is time to renovate.

Another advantage that a skilled general contractor brings to the table is pure experience. Headaches and slip-ups on the construction site are common, but a knowledgeable professional knows how to circumvent them. While more major mistakes are pretty easy for a novice to recognize, typically, only a professional is clued into problems in the earliest stages, and this can be a huge asset throughout your renovation. An experienced set of eyes and ears can keep a small problem from turning into a major catastrophe and prevent your renovation from coming to a halt or substantially increasing in price.

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