Finding the right elementary school for your child can be a tough task. You want them to have the best learning opportunities in an environment in which they feel comfortable. If you live or are planning on living in the Aurora area, there are a few great school choices you can select from.

ÉÉC Saint-Jean

This Catholic school, founded in 1987, is one of the best in the entire city. They offer a complete experience, with a safe environment and highly professional teachers who excel in making kids want to learn. They have a great sports program as well as many cultural programs that cater to the Francophone life. For a child who speaks both English and French, this is a great choice.

Rick Hansen Public School

This public school is located in one of the safest neighborhoods in Aurora. It is a large building that welcomes students of all backgrounds. They promote a healthy, active living by offering after school sports programs. They also provide before and after school child care and they have enrichment programs for math, language arts, music and drama, technology, sand and water play, art, and so much more.

Devins Drive Public School

Devins Drive Public School is a great choice for parents who want to provide as many options of after school activities to their children as possible. They put a lot of focus on the arts and athletics, with art packages that include drama, music, and visual arts. Their athletic department has all manner of team sports and intra-mural experiences. This school is also dedicated to student leadership, which is a great way to instill a love for their school in children. They have an anti-bullying program, a safety patrol, books clubs, and even a VIP program.

Elementary school in Aurora

Our Lady of Grace Catholic Elementary School

If you want your child to follow in your faith and attend a Catholic school, this one is a great option. This school is built on instilling compassion in each and every one of their students. They are also passionate about literacy, and run book clubs and many other programs geared toward improving the reading skills of their students. For those of you who need it, the school provides before and after school child care.

Aurora Heights Public School

This public school is known for its quality student leadership programs which can involve students in the everyday workings of the school. They have parent volunteers in the classrooms, which can be a great way to transition a child into school, and they have support centers for children with learning disabilities or other special needs. Their sports teams include volleyball, basketball, track and field, and more, and if your child is more artistically inclined, they have a great choir, band, and art program.

By taking the time to learn about each school in the Aurora area, you will be able to best select the one perfect for your child’s needs.