Aurora is the kind of place where the streetlamps light up the warm nights, with a warm, inviting glow. Where building from a bygone era line the streets. Where places like Fairy Lake Park and Holland Marsh Wineries exist nearby. In short, it’s an excellent place to spend an evening, hanging out with friends and strangers alike.

If you’re going to be visiting here during the summer months of 2018, you’re in for a treat. The area boasts plenty of parks and conservation areas for walking in, cultural offerings for taking in, and new friends for inviting in. Here’s a peek at the best that this city has to offer over the next few months.

1. Aurora Arboretum

Few things beat a hill full of wild flowers, and the arboretum has acres of them – a hundred acres, to be exact. Wistful purple flowers, dainty daisies, and fields of gold count as just a few of the arboretum’s offerings. This is the perfect place to walk when you want to spend an afternoon walking among the flowers and the birds. Along the way, you’ll find lush grasses or comfortable benches to relax on. Come here with friends. Or take the paths alone when you need a few moments of peace and tranquility.

2. Labyrinth Escape Rooms

Escape rooms give adults the opportunity to have a Wonderland-style adventure, all within the space of an hour. The escape room concept pits teams of players against the puzzle of the room in a race against time. Each team is sequestered away in the theme room of their choice: They have an hour to solve the room’s mystery before time’s up. It gives groups of adults the opportunity to play in Merlin’s Sanctum or with the Knights Templar or even in the labyrinth. When the summer days get too warm for outside play, bring four to six of your friends or family members for the ultimate escape.

3. The Culture Centre

The city’s culture centre counts as the place in the city where you can experience myriad cultural offerings under one roof. This space offers concerts, exhibits, and other events. In June of 2018, visitors are in for a special treat. The Purely Pastel: 27th Annual Open Juried Exhibition goes up. This exhibit features a variety of artists who work in pastels featuring an array of subjects. Come to the culture centre to get lost in art’s beauty.

4. Spas

Sometimes, the only way to deal with he demands of life is to pamper yourself. Fortunately, the city has a number of spas, where you can get a facial, have your nails done, or treat yourself to a massage. Some offer gourmet coffee and sitting rooms where you can visit with friends.

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Closing Thoughts

Fascinating culture, wide open spaces, and escape rooms make this city one of Canada’s most eclectic places to visit or to live. Visitors here love spending an afternoon wandering through the galleries of the culture centre or smelling the flowers at the arboretum. Some even wind up loving life here so much that they end up staying.

If you you count yourself among those people, give us a call. At Alair Homes Aurora, we build custom homes for people like you who come for the summer and stay for a lifetime.