We can’t tell you how many times we have met with clients or heard stories from friends about

“ … the horrible contractor who took their money, but didn’t do the job …”


“ … the time they found out their contractor was getting all of the material and products at a huge discount and marking everything up for the client.”

When you partner with Alair Homes, you don’t have to worry about any of these horror stories and the reason is simple: we believe in 100% Financial Transparency with our clients.

What Does 100% Financial Transparency Mean?

Clients Can View Their Budget At Any Time
Clients can view their up-to-date project budget at any time throughout their project using their personal online Client Control™ platform. The online budget is updated on a regular basis by the project manager and includes every single line item to the budget (could be more than a hundred items), including the forecasted cost, running budget total, actual costs, cost savings/difference, and the schedule fee.

There are NO Hidden Fees or Line Items
Alair clients see every line item of their budget, every product, service, and fee that is paid in relation to their project is communicated and visible on the budget. No surprises. No hidden fees.

There are No Handshake Deals and No Paper-Napkin Quotes
All contractors and trades that work on Alair projects, provide a written, detailed quote that is uploaded to the clients’ online portal for viewing at any time. All quotes are viewed and approved by our clients so that they know what work is included and the associated costs. All contractors are approved and chosen with a simple ‘click’ by our clients. No handshake deals, approximations or preferential treatment to ‘friends’ in the industry.

Management Fees Completely Disclosed
Many contractors hide their management fees by inflating aspects of the job. Others get discounted products and then mark them up for the customer, sneaking more money from the job. Not us. At Alair Homes, we are very open and honest about our fees to manage your project in a professional, timely and reliable way. And, if you have any questions when we meet, during the project or even after things are finished, we welcome your inquiries.

This Is YOUR Home and YOUR Money
Building a custom home or deciding to transform your current home is a huge decision and one that is very personal and involves a significant price tag. We understand that you work hard for your money and you love your home, and we feel privileged that our clients trust us with both.  We are here to deliver amazing results for you and your family. We will respect you, your home and the money you work hard to make throughout the entire process and in sourcing every line item.

If you want to learn more about our 100% Financial Transparency and what it would look like during your custom home or renovation project, please call us at 416.526.7710