At Alair Homes Aurora, we know that there are so many advantages in building your own custom home. The idea of having something tailor made for yourself is in contrast to that of just picking an “off the rack” model jammed into a subdivision. Creating a new dream home that is in complete harmony with your own sense of style and utility is just one of the many benefits that accrue from selecting a custom floor plan.

One of the biggest benefits of crafting a custom home is that you can rest assured that all of your valuable antique furniture or other high-end pieces will fit comfortably in their new surroundings.

Energy Efficiency

Next is the energy efficiency that comes from specifying your own design parameters. For example, you don’t have to user whatever windows the homebuilder installs. You can demand the highest e-rated glass for your new home and start saving on your utility bill from the moment you move in.


They say that location is everything in the real estate business. By building your own custom home, you will have far more desirable lots available to you than would come from selecting a standard home in a mid-grade subdivision. The possibilities are endless when you build to a custom plan since you can put your new home almost anywhere as opposed to being restricted to the handful of lots on offer in a new housing community.

Floor Plan

You do not have to conform to anyone else’s ideas of what the perfect floor plan is. In the kitchen, you can lay out your cabinets and appliances exactly the way that you want them. If arrange to have the kitchen on a particular side of the house so as to take advantage of the sunshine and the view,

Photo by Alair Homes AuroraLook for kitchen design inspiration

Include Technology Upgrades

You can design your new home to incorporate all of the latest modern technological conveniences. If you need fiber optics or controlled voltage power, you can have it exactly where you want it. You can build in alarm systems and indoor watering for your plants and even a dog bath, if that’s what you want. A six car garage or a movie theater in the basement? It’s all your choice.

Money-saving safety measures can be emphasized as well. By incorporating the highest standards in fire, electrical, and personal safety matters, you can also count on reduced insurance rates.

Perfected Details

Superior workmanship is another well-known bonus of building to your own design. Custom homes employ the most-experienced craftsmen from all trades, who understand that doing the job right is of more importance than having it all done on Thursday.

Higher Value

Custom homes also tend to appreciate in value at a higher percentage rate than standard new construction. Not surprising when you consider that your new home will be an enticing Ferrari rather than a plodding Yugo. Unique houses have their own market value that commands far more than houses that have to compete on the market with many others of their exact same model.