Making use of the basement as livable space can really make staying home more fun. There are several ways to use the space effectively to help you forget that you are in the basement. Once you decide how to use the extra space in your basement, start clearing out any items that you have been storing. If space is an issue, move everything you can into an area that is out of the way. If you have decided to use a contractor like Alair Homes Aurora, then check with them to see where you can move stuff so it will be out of the way.


Basement temperatures are very consistent. However, their 50 to 60-degree range is not very comfortable for a cozy home theater or an extra bedroom. Check with a contractor about the best insulation for your basement. The right insulation will help you maintain a higher temperature at the lowest possible cost.

Add Lighting and Electrical

Adding lighting and electrical outlets as well as data and video connections can immediately make the space more useful. It’s also one of the first steps that a contractor will take before framing and installing drywall or paneling.

Storage and More Storage

Basement space for extra storage can be hard to see. The space under the stairs, behind the furnace and water heater, and under low-hanging plumbing or fixtures are great places to put shelves or stack plastic boxes. New rooms with a new closet or built-in storage shelves can add some character.

Updated Windows

Your existing windows probably look a little worn. If they are dirty or broken they may not be letting in much natural light. Have new ones installed and the extra daylight can brighten up your day.

Egress Window

If you plan to use a room in your new basement as a bedroom, check with your contractor. Local code may require an egress window or exit that allows you to escape in the case of a fire or emergency. Adding an egress exit can add value to your home since rooms with closets can be considered a bedroom.

A Wet Bar or Kitchenette

Installing a sink, counter, and small fridge can save you a trip up the stairs. It can also make entertaining guests more elegant or professional. After using it a few times, you might wonder what you did without one.

Spruce Up the Utility Room

Doing laundry is not the most exciting chore in the house. Adding functional space that speeds the task up can be valuable. Installing a wash tub near existing plumbing can save money and your back. Next to that, consider a large flat area with storage below and a closet rod above for hanging clothes to dry.

Silence the Sump Pump

Nothing ruins your late-night movie more than a loud sump pump. A higher quality pump plus insulating the cover and pipes can trim the noise. If you can close that area off from the rest of the basement, you will hardly notice it running.

Soften the Floors

If you install tile, wood, or stain the concrete instead of laying carpet, invest in area rugs to make sure the flooring feels soft and comfy. It can also make the space look bigger. If you do decide to install wood floors, be sure they are rated for use in basements.

Add a Bathroom

Every house can use an extra bathroom. All your plumbing typically goes through the basement, so adding another bathroom sounds easy. Depending upon your house, special equipment may be required, so consider using an experienced contractor such as Alair Homes Aurora.